Instead of trying to ride a wave of inspiration to accomplish something great, learn from my revelatory experience.

Jet engines rumbled the concrete floor. The stench of fuel permeated the air in slow, thick waves, resembling a mirage and adding to the dreamlike atmosphere. I slouched under an umbrella, pen in hand and scribbling on a notebook.

My throat was dry. It hurt to swallow. For the past…

I went bankrupt before I figured out the truth (but it was worth it in the end).

I wandered through a courtyard across the street from my apartment. On my left was the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse. On my right was the Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center. Sometimes, when I walked nearby at night, I heard the inmates playing basketball.

I had a failing business, no job, and was over six figures in debt. Did they put people in jail for not paying debt?

I always tried to push those thoughts away. Sometimes I…

When you’re stuck, the problem might not be you.

“Hi. Golden Police. Get out.

I sat on a park bench in Golden, Colorado as the sun set, gnats barrel-rolled above the grass, and a cop yelled at kids rafting in Clear Creek, just beyond the “Creek Closed” sign.

I was reading a book called How To Write Short.

It was the perfect timing for the cop to yell.


Nate Rifkin

Was bankrupt. Now financially free. Was depressed. Now happy and fulfilled. Was figuring out how to change his life. Now writing how he did it.

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