Could one of the most popular personal development maxims actually harm you more than help you?

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Dr. Brad sighed. We looked at each other and negotiated it down to fifty videos.

Instead of trying to ride a wave of inspiration to accomplish something great, learn from my revelatory experience.

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I went bankrupt before I figured out the truth (but it was worth it in the end).

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I had a failing business, no job, and was over six figures in debt. Did they put people in jail for not paying debt?

Why learning slow is a faster way to mastery

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“Okay, now you go,” he said.

Regret begets more regret, but gratitude also begets more gratitude.

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Don’t decide until you ask this question.

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“Sprint!” the coach yelled.

The devious way our brains trick us into withstanding misery

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My condo was more silent than usual and when I opened the fridge, there was no whiff of coolness.

Do this and you’ll grow from your challenges.

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A cop had discovered my car’s expired plates.

Use this when fear gives you no option.

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Then came the part that left me cold and sick with fear.

When you’re stuck, the problem might not be you.

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“Hi. Golden Police. Get out.

It was the perfect timing for the cop to yell.

Nate Rifkin

Was bankrupt. Now financially free. Was depressed. Now happy and fulfilled. Was figuring out how to change his life. Now writing how he did it.

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